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Consultants’ Comments

  • “A noticeable improvement in the quality of our suction.”
  • “The initial treatment removed a lot of debris.”
  • “I do not have to clean the traps daily anymore.”
  • “I prefer this type of all-natural product over chemical cleaners.”
  • “Unpleasant odor.”
  • “I would like a pre-mixed solution, tablet or unit-dose packets rather than jars of powder that have to be measured.”
  • “Provide clear directions and more distinctive names for easier differentiation between the products.”
  • “Include a sturdy bottle for mixing.”


Bio-Pure evacuation system treatment is designed with a proprietary microbial formula to restore vacuum line suction to full pump capacity and eliminate daily trap cleaning. Bio-Pure has a neutral pH and is safe for all pump equipment including amalgam separators. The microbial formulation is 100% all natural ingredients and continues to clean between uses. The system includes two components: Bio-Pure Complete Evacuation System Restorative and Bio-Pure Complete Evacuation System Cleaner. Bio-Pure Restorative is intended to be used over 3 weeks to “Restore” vacuum suction by removing all the accumulated biofilm build-up. After this initial treatment, Bio-Pure Cleaner should be used regularly to maintain clean lines. Both components are supplied as powders that must be mixed with water. Bio-Pure was used by 23 consultants in 429 uses. It received an 88% clinical rating.


Product Features

Bio-Pure provided very good effectiveness in cleaning evacuation lines, and this was the highest rated feature. Seventy percent of consultants said that it eliminated the need for daily cleaning of traps. Sludge from blood, tissue and prophy paste was greatly reduced. On a routine basis, the product was not as easy to use as liquids or other forms that dissolve more readily. Fifty-seven percent of consultants found Bio-Pure to be better than other evacuation line cleaners they had used and 35% found it to be equivalent. Seventy-eight percent of consultants would switch to Bio-Pure and 87% would recommend it to a colleague.

Results From Six Offices

In six of the offices in which the Bio-Pure system was evaluated, pre-treatment and post-treatment suction times were compared. The time required to suction 32 ounces of Bio-Pure in a specified operatory was recorded before the initial treatment. After use of Bio-Pure for shock and maintenance for approximately three months, times were recorded in the same operatories. Overall, an average of 23% improvement in suction time was found.


Office #

Improvement in suction time















Clinical Tips

  • Bio-Pure Complete Evacuation System Restorative is a “soak” and not a “flush” like all other products. Start this system at a time when the office will not be in use the next day.

  • Do not store in direct sunlight or in a cold storage container.

  • Powder dissolves better in warm water.